Project Hustle

Atlanta Airport  

Atlanta Airport  

We hear it all the time. Work hard! Put in the work! And it is true, you do need to work hard because nothing worthwhile comes easy. You do need to put in the work because no skill comes without practice and repetition. 

But have you ever stopped to think about what you are working on? What you are really working towards?  

A question I will never forget was told to me by a friend when we were in the trenches of a job we both hated.  

He said to me who works harder: A coal miner or Bill Gates? This obviously being a trick question I decided to give him a witty answer.  

Well naturally a person could say the coal miner works physically harder but the corporate guy works mentally harder, I said with a smile thinking I nailed that question.

Then he said to me they both work equally hard. One physically and one mentally. The difference is that one focuses on creating value for others while the other focuses on getting a paycheck for themselves. 

Two people. Same hours in a day. Same energy. Different focus. 

Oh yes... Greetings from the USA.