It's been a minute... Consistent-Key

When you are moving at the speed life it's hard to be consistent. Yet, if you want to build anything of substance, anything worthwhile... Then consistency is key. You can't avoid it. You can't make excuses. It is as simple as that, yet it is as hard as that. It just is what it is.

While doing life... Don’t forget to create the content that can help people and help yourself be better.

Getting back on the saddle

It’s hard to get back on to something when you have fallen off. A diet, a reading plan, piano lessons, creating music writing a blog post.

It’s hard.

But it is worth it.

Get back up and try again.

It probably won’t be perfect. It will never be perfect, that’s not why you do it for. Timing may not be right, the words may not be right. But do it anyway.

It may not be perfect, but do it anyway

Marketing Stealth Bombs

When it surprises and delights fans. That’s a good thing. When it surprises and delights even the creator. That’s a wonderful thing! 

Drake did it with the release of his album, Scorpion, unannounced. Pop up shops, art galleries and pop up concerts are now all the rage.  

In a world full of announcements, promotions and gimmicks. Isn’t it a refreshing change to just see a creative person say; “Hey, I made this. I put a lot of work into it and I hope you will like it. If not, then maybe you would like something else I am working on”

Then get busy creating the next thing. 

Oh, and this morning I woke up as a regular guy and tonight I go to sleep as a Published Author. Currently you can check out my latest book project, click here. Now available on Amazon Kindle.