Welcome to Dynisty HQ

Our own little Digital Dojo!

My name is Emmanuel Aboagye, and I am the Creative Director of Dynisty Entertainment.

Join us as we discover more about the business side of the music and entertainment industry.

I, along with my friends will share our thoughts, views and lessons learnt as we enter into the belly of the beast.

Don’t be afraid, I promise you’ll enjoy the ride!

Feel free to checkout our latest music releases and comment on anything you see on the site.

Your input (constructive input) is always welcome.

PeaceOut & OneLove



Some quick answers to some important questions:

Who is this site for?

If you are fascinated by the Music Industry, If you love movies, if you love books... You'll probably find our views interesting. 

Come on, when last did you try something new. At least give this a try:) 

Why is this Dynisty website here?

Well, why do you want us here? We are here to serve you? So tell us your thoughts. Click here

Sometimes I answer a question with a question. (I'm originally from Ghana, that's just how we roll!)

The 100 year Quest - What would it take for Dynisty to reach a 100 year milestone in Music & Entertainment?

That desire to create value for others and stay relevant to our community and the industry is why Dynisty is here.

What is the frequency of the Dynisty blog posts? 

On the lower end of the spectrum: 1 Blog post a month 

On the higher end: 2 Blog posts a week.