Thinking Chair


It doesn't really have to be fancy in order for you to get the job done.  

"If you want to be a writer and you don't know how or when; Find a quiet tree and use a humble pen" - Paul Simon

Or in our case... A highly connected, fully charged, picture taking, Super Computer that can fit into your pocket.  

Times may change, Technology may change, But the key principles of discipline, consistency and focus are fundamental laws that are timeless.  

Use what you have. Don’t always think you need more, because generations before you have achieved a lot more with a lot less so we have little excuse. 

Operate using the Bare Maximum.  

Manic Monday Morning


Vodacom - VodaWorld. Daytime Hustle

Vodacom - VodaWorld. Daytime Hustle

Monday morning. Just caught the red-eye flight to Joburg. And to think if I was touring more this would be a regular...

Thinking about the destination is always such a buzz kill these days. I've been trying to embrace the whole enjoy the journey mentality. Because truly life can be more interesting if you plan to make the most of every moment. Otherwise, most of your time will be spent idly waiting. And that's really no fun!

Opportunities and ideas are really endless. What matters most is execution. Honestly, i can't say it enough times and in fact bears repeating.

Opportunities and ideas are really endless. What matters most is execution.

Choose the ideas and opportunities you believe are right for you at this present moment. Say no to the others. Shelf them if you must. Then focus and execute like crazy.

Start one. Finish one. Move on.

Diva antics

Why oh why oh why would you want to be a diva?
If you behave like the world should revolve around you do you really think people would want to work with you?

If your attitude is; drop whatever you're doing so that you can do what I say, then the only message you're communicating is that you believe you are more important than the other person. 

"I've been touched by the hand of God so you mere mortals must listen to me."
That becomes a sad state of affairs when you believe that that is what being charismatic is about.

It's not. Being charismatic is about caring enough for the other person to actually want to make a difference in their life. Caring so genuinely that if you are not around your absence is truly missed.

So stop being a diva just because a few people know your name and you have been on television.

Money, power and fame don't make you  better, they merely amplify who you really are. If you are generous, kind and loving you will be more of those things. 

If you are a jerk... Well.

The problem with the future

HAPPY NE!!... Ah, wait... It's already nearly March?!

I thought time was only supposed to fly when you are having fun?

The new year has felt a bit like the old year continued. Kind of like 2015 - 2.0. 

The problem with the future is that you just can't see what's coming. And if you like sticking to a plan, that could be a bit of a challenge. 

Recently I completed work on a 3 year business proposal for a Dynisty project. When planning like that and I am always amazed at how much stuff you can actually anticipate if you put your mind to it . I am  also equally amazed at how little we know about the future. 

How could we? It is the future after-all and we are not there yet. But we can dream and that helps make it more tangible even if it is only in our minds. 

Then, the other problem kicks in. We get stuck dreaming about this world that doesn't exist yet and we neglect to do the hard work now. In the present.