Jay-Z signs a groundbreaking deal... Again!

"Music is only the first step."

jay-z image.jpg

Seriously this dude moves like the speed of light. When it comes to business I have observed Mr. Carter make moves that would put many MBA graduates who claim to understand business to shame.

The deal with Samsung for the sale of 1 Million of his latest album in App form not only saw him receive a platinum plaque on the official release day. It also completely changed the rules for RIAA.  

Not to be out done by his peer, P. Diddy (Puffy, Diddy... Whatever he calls himself these days) also did a landmark deal. Check out my next blog post on the Diddy Deal.

Take Aways:

1. Music is not the primary revenue generator anymore, it's the draw card.

2. Use your music as a tool to leverage your brand

3. No matter what level you may be in the industry always think entrepreneurial. 

4. Think of new ways to delight your fans.

5. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, deals like this have been cut before. Just find a way to do them better