The Road back to South by Southwest 2015

It has been nearly 3 years since I was last at the Mega Music festival know as South By Southwest (SXSW). A lot can happen in 3 years, but the fond memories of the people I met and the music and knowledge shared are still very real to me.

As I head back, I have a mixture of emotions and a whole host of thoughts and questions. Will I meet up with any of my old friends? Will I make new friends? What if it doesn't live up to my previous expectations?

All of that and a bunch of other silly things, like did I remember to pack my toothbrush?

But once I have had a chance to quiet my mind and sit still and reflect on the journey ahead. A few things become clear.

Things change

That is a certainty in life and and as the saying goes change is the only constant. So learn to go with the flow and ride the waves.

I am blessed

This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I am very greatful to IMEXSA and DTI for making this opportunity a reality for independent artists. I am greatful to God for my talent and allowing it to open doors.


The phrase carpe diem (seize the day) comes to mind. When a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself again, pun intended, you do what you can to make it keep happening and take full advantage of it.

Enjoy the ride

Every bump, every turn, every pothole and every fork in the road is all a part of the journey. There is no point finding fault around every corner. Just enjoy the ride.