Diva antics

Why oh why oh why would you want to be a diva?
If you behave like the world should revolve around you do you really think people would want to work with you?

If your attitude is; drop whatever you're doing so that you can do what I say, then the only message you're communicating is that you believe you are more important than the other person. 

"I've been touched by the hand of God so you mere mortals must listen to me."
That becomes a sad state of affairs when you believe that that is what being charismatic is about.

It's not. Being charismatic is about caring enough for the other person to actually want to make a difference in their life. Caring so genuinely that if you are not around your absence is truly missed.

So stop being a diva just because a few people know your name and you have been on television.

Money, power and fame don't make you  better, they merely amplify who you really are. If you are generous, kind and loving you will be more of those things. 

If you are a jerk... Well.