Streaming - The new sliced bread

Primavera 2016

Primavera 2016

Streaming is a hot topic right now.

Why did we get into music in the first place?

If you are anything like me, I remember clearly that the goal was to get our music into as many ears as possible.

China, Spain, Poland, Ukraine - that was the goal.

Places I would go and some I may never go to. But they would know my music and they would know my name, that was the aim.

Streaming makes that possible. Why would you want to limit that?

Why would you put a ceiling on that?

Naturally, you want to capture your home turf and there will be times to be more strategic. But sometimes using a shot gun can be part of your strategy.

Streaming opens up a world of possibilities and as Indie artists we would be foolish not to take them. Go where your customers are, discover new ones.

To use a street term Streaming is like your gateway drug. You get them hooked and then you push them towards your more profit generating products and services.

To use a more politically correct example and business term: Streaming can be viewed as a loss leader or discovery tool. Introducing potential customers to your brand and then leading them deeper into more value added services and products.

(You see how I flipped it there.)

At the end of the day it's about reaching fans and converting them into real (paying) customers.

Nothing happens until you have made a sale. And if you are standing still, then you are actually moving backwards.

Side Note:

Major labels are not the enemy here. I keep hearing people referring to Indie vs Major, David vs Goliath, as if this is a losing battle. Now I don't know about your Bible but in mine, David won that battle.

Independent labels need to use the natural tools at their disposal and never lose touch with the people that are helping you to build your business. They are what matter in the long run.