The Power of music...Ladies I dare you not to cry

Ok, ok i'll admit it, watching this video did put a lump in my throat. And yes, The Notebook was a good movie. I must admit this reminds me of the power of music, and how music can be like a time capsule. Capturing and bottling emotions, thoughts and events into a single moment. Every time the song plays those memories are released again.

Part of the reason I believe Country music does so well is its ability to tell stories and capture moments. Most of the best songwriters across genres, from Hip hop to Pop tell compelling stories. Sometimes the story is their own and sometimes the story is of others.

So Songwriters, the next time you write a love song think about this old couple in the above video. 

Take Aways:

1. When writing a song think long term. How do you want your music to be remembered?

2. Songs capture moments. So as a writer, look for moments worth capturing.

3. Become a Story Teller, and it will form part of other people's stories.


What are some of your favourite songs, and what do they remind you of? Leave a comment below.