Mirror mirror on the wall


The Miss SA pageant takes place today. 

I am amazed that beauty pageants have stood the test of time with the rise and fall, and rise again of feminism, through the shifting sands and changing hands of governmental power. 

Revolutions may come and go, but a beautiful woman is still to be admired.


It does make me wonder about the evolution of humanity. 

Is it that the more things change the more they stay the same?

Once you let a panel of judges you have probably never met grade you on how beautiful you are, how elegant you look, and how intelligently you answer every question; surely some of your natural beauty is stripped away so that you can be well liked by the masses?

Isn't it more important that you choose yourself?

Whatever your viewpoints are on beauty pageants I am sure it will be an entertaining show. 

At least Gangs of Ballet will be performing. 

And you can also catch them Live at Hemingways East London on the 24th April 2015

Tickets are available here.