TEARS FROM THE SKY - (Music & Lyrics)


Everything’s gonna be alright
Everything’s gonna be alright
My Darling please don’t cry
Everything’s gonna be just fine

All the tears I have kept
Through the nights I have wept
While the whole world slept
I was left to accept
How I felt so trapped
And just couldn’t adapt
Quintessential love potential that was left untapped
Deep inside I felt these cards I was dealt
Was the reason that the freezing around my heart don’t melt
All the years I had built on the pain and guilt
All alone I felt, so alone I dwelt
Then you walked in!
In my life you stepped
Gave me reason to believe in, you timed perfect
All the pain that crept and gripped was swept
Work of art, from the start for my heart you leapt

Call my name and I will reply
Give you wings when you want to fly
Be your love when your love is dry
Loving you like tears from the sky
Nothing too deep or too high
Can come between you and I
My darling please don’t you cry
Send you my tears from the sky

So much weight on my back I was ready to crack
Taken so much flack that I can’t turn back
When they don’t know jack, got to give’ em what they lack
Yo I can’t be wack, yo I can’t have that
Keep my mind on track and be true to the fact
When I rip it straight to ‘em gonna cut no slack
Cos the only defense I’ve known is attack
Cause a pure wreck every sec that I’m gonna get
Thought the choice that I made was difficult
Putting up with everybody’s insult
But when you choose to be salt, the result:
Lyrical assault coming from my lyric vault
To catapult no fault, Love ultimate
You hypocrite better quit and deal with it
True or false?
Feel your pulse there ain’t no one else
I will lift you swift when your heart’s adrift


Everything will be alright, let me see you smile
Brighten up this dark world like a little child
Anything worthwhile is worth the extra mile
Don’t you wish you knew then what you know now?
How long do you wish to walk this road alone?
Carrying this very heavy heart of stone
We belong in a bond that can look beyond
So I’m sending out my voice, hoping you’ll respond!
With the pain from the past all torn in half
As we bathe in the rain let me see you laugh
All I need for the path will be all you have
Hold fast, firm grasp found my joy at last
Can’t walk around hopeless, feeling worthless
So don’t cry I’ll cry for the both of us
The purpose, endless will be you and I
As I cry my tears from the sky


Never wanna hear a good-bye
Never want to feel your heart sigh
My darling why o’ why
Is it always me you deny?
Why can’t you give us a try?
Never want to see my love cry
My darling dry your eyes
As I open the skies

Written by E. Aboagye, J. Saunders 

Copyright © 2014 DYNISTY PUBLISHING HOUSE. All rights reserved.